Argilla Handmade Pottery

ARGILLA pottery is exclusive, hand-made, designer stoneware in which food can be served with style, directly from the oven to the table. The range of earthy colours complements any colour scheme and all the items are microwave, oven and dishwasher proof. ARGILLA Pottery has a timeless style and products of outstanding quality.

ARGILLA cookware is convenient, saves you time and enchances a healthier life style. Meals are prepared in a steam roasting process, with no oil and little water. Meat will be tender and vegetables more nutritional. At ARGILLA we design each item to save the housewife time and help her prepare healthier meals.

Traditional dishes are easily made in our specially designed pots.

ARGILLA pottery has a timeless style, made to be used, cared for and only gets better with time.

The ARGILLA cooking set can also be used as serving dishes and will keep your food warm much longer. With a variety of dinner, coffee and tea sets, ARGILLA turns any occasion into a festive gathering. ARGILLA stoneware is durable, versatile and practical.

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